Hover Design

Our hoof trimming chutes don’t come in contact with the ground. This hover design prevents the equipment from touching the ground and reduces pinch points for cows. This also helps prevent wear and corrosion. You’ll love it and so will your cows.

Tilt Chutes

Our quality built hoof trimming chutes are a tilt or layover chute. The patented design is enhanced for the cow’s comfort and ease of use. Our tilt design has gravity lock technology to keep the trimmer and cow safe in case of malfunctions.

Hoof Trimming Chutes Built to Last

Breakdowns can cost you time, money, and disgruntle your clients. We know this firsthand, so we engineered one of the toughest hoof trimming chutes on the market. Extra steel, extra welds, and extra time goes into each chute we build.

Built For Expert Trimmers

Our hoof trimming chutes are designed with the expert trimmer in mind. As hoof trimmers ourselves, we designed them from years of experience trimming and manufacturing our own custom chutes. Our latest design has many industry firsts with a patented system.

All of our chutes are custom built, so they can be built to fit your needs. We know that each trimmer has their own unique set up and we can make small modifications to make it your own custom chute.

3 Models to Choose From

Stationary Hoof Trimming Chute

Portable Hoof Trimming Chute

Truck Mounted Hoof Trimming Chute

Made In USA